Key People

Geetu Bharwaney
Geetu is Founder and Managing Director of Ei World Limited, one of Europe's thought leaders in the application of emotional intelligence in business. Her main interest lies in organisational development through leadership skills development. She has built emotional intelligence interventions from scratch and has proven measurable results from her work with individuals and groups.
Prof Vanessa Druskat
Vanessa is a world expert on group emotional intelligence. Together with Steven Wolff, she co-authored a Harvard Business Review article on Group Emotional Intelligence which brought the topic of Team Emotional Intelligence to wider attention...
Dr Steven Wolff
Dr Steven B. Wolff is a world expert on group emotional intelligence. Together with Vanessa Druskat, he has developed a theory of group emotional intelligence that extends the theory of individual emotional intelligence to the group level...
Dr Jonathan Kirschner (Psy. D.)
Jonathan Kirschner is a consultant and business leader. As a consultant, Dr. Kirschner's areas of focus are in executive coaching, high-potential development, change management, and leadership development. Jonathan's experience spans numerous sectors, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, oil & gas, technology, non-profit and higher education. In his executive coaching work, Dr. Kirschner has a particular interest in the areas of emotional intelligence, stress management and leveraging insight-oriented methods for achieving sustained behavioral change.
Dr Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk
In her role as senior research associate for Ei World, Carina oversees and lends scientific credibility and ROI to our client deliverables. She brings expertise and custom business applications in leadership and performance development, team building and competence, productivity, targeted benchmarking, emotional intelligence and organisational climate tracking to our team.
Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBA
Dr. Mark Atkinson is an internationally-renowned authority on mind/body health, high-performance and human potential development. He received his medical degree from the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, UK. As a physician, seminar leader, public speaker and mentor Mark teaches thousands of people each year how to be Self-leaders, the CEO of their Mind, Energy & Future.
Charles Gale
Charles is an international consultant focused on sales, marketing and effective communication. Central to his approach is the application of insight from the behavioural sciences to ensure that strategies, messaging and communication approaches are effective, influential and fully engage and involve the intended audience.
Adrian S Rycroft
Adrian Rycroft is an accredited Executive Coach Supervisor with APECS (Association of Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors).
Tina Brunner
Tina provides support to both clients and qualified users of the proprietary emotional intelligence instruments we deploy. She also provides liaison and support for our popular Team Ei Survey Webinars and is often your first point of contact with us.
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