About Ei World

Why We Exist
Emotion matters to performance in any job. We help people to understand emotion - how to measure it, how to develop it and how to use the benefits of emotional understanding to succeed.

Who We Are
Ei World is a company recognised for its pioneering work in the application of emotional resilience and emotional intelligence; one of the first companies entirely focused on applying emotion-based research to talent management, leadership development, team effectiveness and CEO coaching. 

What We Do
We help world-class organisations build competitive advantage through focused investment in key individuals and teams. We specialise in Emotional Resilience and Emotional Intelligence. We provide transformational development through:

We have a strategic alliance with AIIR Consulting aiirconsulting.com for the delivery of coaching on demand, anytime anywhere. We are active members of the EI Consortium eiconsortium.org whose mission is to advance the research and practice of emotional intelligence in organisations and who advocates the use of empirically supported models for the development of emotional intelligence.


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