In her role as senior research associate for Ei World, Carina oversees and lends scientific credibility and ROI to our client deliverables. She brings expertise and custom business applications in leadership and performance development, team building and competence, productivity, targeted benchmarking, emotional intelligence and organisational climate tracking to our team.

Her background in psychology and statistics complement her competence with databases and psychometric assessments, including measures of Emotional Intelligence. She aptly blends conceptual thinking and numerical skill to produce deeper insights and practical solutions for clients.

Carina has a proven record of accomplishment in academia and the corporate world, where she provides research consulting to organisations worldwide. She holds a PhD (Psychology) with additional majors in mathematics and mathematical statistics. She is accredited in several Emotional Intelligence and other psychometric assessments. As a seasoned researcher, speaker, coach and trainer, she offers advanced EQ-i® workshops for experienced practitioners.

With her focus on EQ competence rather than mere EQ attributes, Carina authored the Advanced Interpretation Report (AIR) and the Group Dynamics Report (GDR) series, both insightful add-ons to the EQ-i®. The reports guide individuals and groups to targeted possibilities for improving in areas such as self-presentation, emotional control, resolute versus supportive versus motivational leadership, self-fulfillment, and resilience. Carina also authored a highly customisable Personal Development Plan (PDP) based on the EQ-i, as well as the Organizational Climate Inventory (OCI). She co-authored the SEI-YV, currently the only EI youth assessment that links EQ to life barometers.

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