Accreditation in Team EI Survey

Ei World and GEI Partners have teamed up to provide you a unique opportunity to learn from the developers of Team EI.

Co-leaders of the program are:



This webinar accreditation is for:
Anyone ready to add a value-adding framework for working with teams as an internal or external change agent.

Benefits of Being Accredited:

  • Provides a method for teams to comprehensively address the role of emotion in building a high performing team, particularly where a team or team coach senses that higher performance is possible.
  • Provides a detailed action plan for a team to address problems such as unproductive conflict, lack of follow-through on commitments, low creativity and innovation, wasted time and energy, lack of resilience or the ability to change.
  • Builds a team climate that creates productive emotional experiences allows the team to achieve greater collaboration and performance

Learning Goals

Learning GoalsYou will learn about the theory and research behind Team Ei, how to facilitate team development using the Team Ei survey and you will become accredited to use the assessment.

  • Facilitate a team to be emotionally intelligent, using “Team Emotional Intelligence theory™” and the tools developed by Professor Vanessa Druskat and Dr Steven Wolff. 
  • Become equipped in the use of the Team EI Survey to help a team move towards higher performance.
  • Incorporate Team Emotional Intelligence theory, tools and survey into your professional work as a coach, consultant or learning and development professional.
  • Achieve 24.75 hours International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Continuing Coach Education (CCE): Core Competencies - 2.25 hours and Resource Development - 22.25 hours.  A Certificate will be provided on completion of the webinar programme and post-work confirming your credits.
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