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Julie Fisher – Operations Director, TravelSupermarket.com

Ceri Lennon – Head of HR, Eden Futures
Helen Croft – Senior National Game Delivery Manager, The FA


CLIENTS who have experienced the quality of our Accreditation programme:

Lynn Scott

Lynn Scott - Lynn Scott Coaching Ltd

"This was a great mix of theory and practical application. You three are a formidable team! I loved the case study examples. This brought everything alive for me and really complements the team coaching work I do. I enjoyed the mixture of theory, practise, discussion and exercises. It was great to have three different workshop facilitators with different experience, knowledge and style. A great tool for teams."

Heather Anderson

Heather Andersen – Executive Coach - 3D Leadership Group

"I feel well prepared thanks to your training. Steve clearly has a deep knowledge of the tool and subject and was still able to give answers simply and clearly. Geetu has great energy that kept us moving along, also great work examples that help provide context and bring the tool to life. Vanessa gave great work examples and I saw the passion for the work in all her responses. I also appreciated how much I learned about team norms and best practices in the process. The supporting materials were filled with helpful tools. It was time very well spent."

Maureen Salmon

Maureen Salmon - Director / Consultant/Coach - Freshwaters Consultancy

"The programme had a flexible and diverse approach to learning with practical application, using real case studies, peer learning and personal experiences. I appreciated working and learning from a diverse group of professionals from across sectors and organisations."

John van Roij

John van Roij - CEO, Inclusion

"The concepts were explained thoroughly using effective audio-visual aids and useful handouts to clarify understanding. The content of the programme is particularly relevant to my work and the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the facilitators enhanced my understanding and overall learning experience. I would certainly recommend the programme to others."

Sarah Perrott

Sarah Perrott - Director, Cresco Consulting

"I liked the flexibility of the programme in meeting participants' needs. There were very good materials and notes. I felt the experience of the programme has been empowering and enabling. Thank you again."

Jonathan Kirschner

Jonathan Kirschner - CEO, AIIR Consulting LLC

"Thank you! This program added a new, deeper dimension to how I now understand teams. The program from start to finish was exceptional and provided a learning and development experience for me that will inform my work going forward"

Jeanmarie Alessi

Jeanmarie Alessi - President, Alessi Consulting & Education

"This was a wonderful and enriching educational experience. All of your commitment and passion to helping teams is clearly evident and contagious!"

Michele LoBianco

Michele LoBianco - Executive & Career Coach, Facilitator-Trainer, Michele LoBianco Consulting

"I was pleased with the strong content of this programme and how effectively it was presented. I was also impressed by how well the facilitators were prepared, their wealth of knowledge and the support they offered. The programme both met and exceeded my expectations."

Jonathan Naess

Jonathan Naess Founder & CEO Stand to Reason

"The co-production; the integrity, openness, intelligence and wit of all the presenters. Feeling highly motivated to introduce Team Ei into organisations as I believe it can be an effective way to ensure key business goals as well as safeguarding emotional wellbeing of the entire team."

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