Dr. Geetu Bharwaney

Geetu BharwaneyAs an experienced and highly thought of C-Suite executive coach, consultant and program designer, Dr. Geetu Bharwaney works with the people critical to the success of today’s organizations. She works with leaders, senior executives and those on the flight path for future leadership, developing their leadership capabilities, cultivating their deeper strategic thinking and enhancing their ability to connect with and influence stakeholders and their teams.

Geetu has a strong track record of achieving highly successful, results-orientated development programs and attributes her high performance to her holistic approach to understanding leadership challenges and the need to cultivate relationships, based on trust, collaboration, support and accountability. Her experience and ability to flex her style enables her to bring fresh thinking to each presentation, to challenge leaders in an empathetic yet productive manner, and to tailor her approach to empower clients to seek and find workable solutions and make long-term, sustainable changes happen.

Geetu’s specialism is the advanced application of emotional intelligence which focuses on the awareness and development of emotional resilience. This frees leaders to work at their optimal performance sweet spot, managing their levels of stress and adapting their mood to meet situational requirements. She challenges leaders to think and move on from their self-limitations, assumptions and thinking patterns. Changes in performance are clearly visible to stakeholders, peers and subordinates, with measurable outcomes for both client and company.

Geetu brings 26 years of experience coaching and developing organizational leaders and teams. Her work is recognized and preferred by global businesses throughout Europe, South America, Africa, and Australasia, as well as in China and India. Her clients cover a broad spectrum of industries including global oil and gas, insurance, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, I.T., pharmaceutical, military and include FTSE 100, Fortune 50 companies, government agencies and service providers, sports associations and public-private partnerships. She was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Science (DSc) for her unique contribution to the understanding and application of emotion in business. She is a member of the Ei Consortium, founded by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis to advance research and application of emotional intelligence in organizations.




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