Kathy E. Kram, PhD

Kathy E. Kram is the R.C. Shipley Professor in Management, Emerita, at Boston University. Her primary interests are in the areas of leadership development, relational learning, mentoring, coaching and developmental networks, and change processes in organizations.  In addition to her book, Mentoring at Work, she has published in a wide range of journals including Organizational Dynamics, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Business Horizons, Qualitative Sociology, Mentoring International, Journal of Management Development, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Management Inquiry, Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, Career Development International, and Psychology of Women Quarterly. She is co-editor of The Handbook of Mentoring at Work: Theory, Research and Practice with Dr. Belle Rose Ragins, co-author of Strategic Relationships at Work: Creating your circle of mentors, sponsors and peers for success in business and life with Dr. Wendy Murphy, and co-author of Peer Coaching at Work: Principles and Practices with Drs. Polly Parker, Douglas (Tim) Hall, and Ilene Wasserman.

Dr. Kram consults with a variety of organizations that want to enhance their leadership development practices through the use of mentoring, mentoring circles and peer coaching.  She has collaborated with line managers, internal consultants, and external consultants on large system change processes where relational learning is essential to sustainable success.  In addition, she has worked with faculty, administrators, and students within Higher Education to create peer coaching circles and dyads to support ongoing learning and leadership development. 

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