CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO & Executive CoachingTypical Scenarios:

  • Executives in a transition period, moving into a higher stakes role with significant business challenges.
  • Experienced leaders working in a new business where they need to re-define their skills and re-engineer themselves.
  • First time CEOs with restricted opportunities for the luxury of a learning curve.
  • Career executives who need support to reset and renew.

Ei World delivers:

  • 3, 6 or 9-month coaching programmes anytime anywhere incorporating some or all of:
    • Stakeholder engagement and influence of coaching goals.
    • Diagnostic tools to assess clearly the leadership style, emotional intelligence and emotional resilience, using proprietary tools including self-report, team and 360-degree assessment.
    • Online coaching portal to manage the coaching engagement and provide impact metrics (in alliance with
Testimonial:  “I have stepped up my ability to deal with the CEO and the Executive team. I have formed thoughts on how to lead a team, particularly a new team. I have learned how to manage and support upwards, set personal boundaries and be more relaxed and in control. I appreciated the coach’s 6th sense and calm approach. The coach had a willingness to listen rather than provide a strategy or solution, the coach built trust.”  

General Manager, FTSE 250 Company

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