Keynote Presentations

Keynote PresentationsTypical Scenarios:

  • An annual meeting that requires a keynote speech.
  • A conference that requires thought-provoking input.
  • Motivational input for a group tasked with a stretched business goal.
  • A new beginning, following a merger or acquisition, when a shift in behaviour or thinking is desired.

Ei World delivers:

  • Presentations to any group, using video, audio or ‘naked’ (without visual support).
  • Specific keynote presentations include:
    • Emotional Resilience for High Performance  
    • Team Emotional Intelligence for Increased Collaboration and High Performance 
    • Emotional Intelligence: Fact, Myth or Essential Attribute for High Performance
Testimonial:  “I met Geetu Bharwaney in September 2011 when she presented on the topic of Emotional Intelligence at our recent Chief Executives retreat at Newick Park Hotel. She was acclaimed with an outstanding average of 9.2 out of 10, from the members. In my ten years as an Academy For Chief Executives Chairman, I’ve never witnessed a more professional workshop delivered with passion, authenticity and an astonishingly high degree of preparedness. She delivered the workshop on this important subject with an amazing degree of enthusiasm and the learning opportunity for all of the members, including myself, was without equal. One of the members who is, by nature, somewhat sceptical stated on his feedback form: ‘Intelligent, well prepared, well delivered, worked the room well, engaged the audience well, an absolute genius’.”   

Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives
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