Leadership Team Coaching & Development

Leadership Team Coaching & DevelopmentTypical Scenarios:

  • New team leader desiring a strong start for a new team.
  • Teams in transition, following a merger or acquisition, or who need to generate highly productive collaboration.
  • Technical leaders needing to work together in a different way.
  • Teams with interpersonal conflict who need to tackle issues and create new norms for working together.

Ei World delivers:

  • 3, 6 or 9-month team development programmes anytime anywhere incorporating some or all of:
    • Individual dialogue with each team member to elicit full perspective on the team.
    • Executive coaching for Team Leader.
    • Team Performance Survey for entire team, based on Team Emotional Intelligence.
    • Team dialogue sessions based on the Team Performance Survey.
    • Team coaching, following team dialogue sessions.
Testimonial:  “Team Development was a very positive and useful experience. The team coach was excellent. We gained awareness, focused on specific and well defined areas for improvement as a team. We then undertook practical steps and achieved tangible improvement. We appreciated the team coach’s candidness, enjoyed the exchange of ideas, and made sustainable changes in our team’s functioning. It was a very valuable experience both in terms of the team’s growth and improvement and in terms of effectiveness and value for the company. We knew we were not functioning well and we probably didn’t need a graph to tell us. But we did have a graph and we improved how we worked. The change is visible."

Vice-President, Global Oilfield Services


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