Professor Helen Higson

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Aston University

Geetu has been helping us develop and move, kicking and screaming, into the world of a high performance culture. 

This has had culture-changing results, demonstrated in our recent staff survey, which has seen an enormous increase in the trust and confidence that staff have in their managers - it’s the biggest change in the whole of the behaviours that we’re measuring. I would thank Geetu for helping us to be even more agile, adaptable and really getting us to perform at our best.


Paul Deemer (as Coachee)

Head of Equality Diversity and Human Rights, NHS Employers

I was one of the first participants on the first courses that Geetu ran. When recently asked why people like me… so white, heterosexual, non-disabled or visibly non-disabled, go into the world of diversity, I was prompted to reflect about why I am here. Why do I do what I do?

I was asked about the key milestones in my life, and I had to identify that course, that five-day course, as being a real life-changer. People say that about certain things, but I genuinely mean that: It was a real life-changer for me.

Helen Croft – Senior National Game Delivery Manager, The FA

Helen Croft (as Coachee)

Senior National Game Delivery Manager, The FA

As a team leader this book gave me the inspiration and confidence to lead the team my way, in a more assertive and collaborative, decision-making way. Geetu’s tuition was world-class and at such an incredible level.

Geetu has coached me in my personal and professional life and has had a profound impact on me, helping me to get through challenges that seemed insurmountable without her.

For what you did for the team, for the impact it’s making across the Football Association, and for your profound impact on me, thank you.

It’s wonderful to see Geetu make the next breakthrough, as the next breakthrough will change the world.

Julie Fisher – Operations Director, TravelSupermarket.com

Julie Fisher (as Coachee)

Operations Director, TravelSupermarket.com

My plan was to explore how we drive the MSE business forward? I looked at the structure, the operating model and the team and I looked at how I’d integrated it into the group. I realised it was in its second stage of development and it actually needed a different skillset from mine to take it forward. I took the decision to step out of that role after I’d done the foundation integration pieces, and I recruited somebody who I consider to be a really talented member of the team to take that business on. I’d done the integration pieces, I’d set the foundations, I’d put in place the models so that the teams could work effectively together. That was my job done and, do you know what? Geetu made me comfortable with that. I didn’t see that as a failure. I saw that as that’s the role that I played, it was a fantastic one, but actually now I need to go and do something different.

Lance Doughty - Senior Vice President, Cap Gemini Uk Plc

Lance Doughty (As Sponsor)

Senior Vice President, Cap Gemini Uk Plc

Graham was a successful programme deliverer in the IT world. He had a whole track record of really successful projects but he had, it seemed, only one tool in his kitbag - a very large hammer, which he used to smash his way through his projects and, sure enough, he left quite a bit of debris behind. So, although he was very well respected for being able to come in and deliver a project and for being able to walk bravely into very difficult situations and achieve a turnaround, he wasn’t seen as somebody with real leadership potential because of the fallout left behind.

I didn’t think that that was right. I felt that he had more to him and Geetu could see that he did as well. The work she did with him was fascinating… if you plot the curve he was in complete denial in the first stage. He wouldn’t engage and he told me afterwards why that was…. every piece of success he’d ever had in his career had been achieved by behaving and acting in one way and he was terrified that learning these new ways would undermine his performance and actually mean he would be less successful.

He reached an inflection point, where he suddenly realised this actually could help him, and he went from being Geetu’s most difficult student ever to being her most engaged as he totally bought into it.

It was a very successful engagement. It helped us to think about his future and what it would take for him to develop into a leader and achieve a leadership position. That required me to release him from my team and get him into a position where he could be seen to be performing by the right people within the business.

I’m pleased to say that only a little after 12 months after Geetu’s intervention, Graham was promoted to vice president at the first time of asking and he could not have achieved that without the intervention from Geetu and bringing the Emotional Intelligence learnings to him and helping him learn more about himself, how he interacted with people, the impact he had on people and how he could actually use different mechanisms to achieve even better outcomes.

That was a fantastic learning for me, and much better for Graham as you can imagine.

Ceri Lennon – Head of HR, Eden Futures

Ceri Lennon

Head of HR, Eden Futures

What we found in the last six months in particular is that the HR team contains the emotion for people around them - they are the pressure valve and, in these times of change and uncertainty, this is a difficult role.

The process of doing the Team EI survey and discussing the outcome, looking at a team which is seen as very transactional, as doers who are getting things done, and identifying with them and giving them space to actually say how they are and Geetu talking us through the process was incredibly helpful.


Professor Vanessa Druskat

Founder Member of Ei Consortium, Professor, University of New Hampshire

So first it was concept, then it was research. Now that we know it matters, how do we take it out into the world and really distribute it and scale it up? Geetu’s book on emotional resilience answers that question.

The thing I love is it really is an active book that you can use to help develop yourself and develop others. It’s cutting edge. It’s right at the top. It’s exactly what the field needs right now.

I’m going to use this book with my students in the academic world and in my own consulting work because it’s exactly what we need right now.


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