David Costa de Oliveira

Head of Client Experience

David is a key member of the Ei World leadership team who works to establish and maintain relationships with associates, partners and clients while also ensuring that the EI World team is constantly developing offerings that meet the changing and challenging needs of its clients.

He brings over 25 years of experience across a range of businesses and industries with a focus in the latter part of his career on operations and general management. He was briefly involved in coaching SMEs and has a keen interest in bridging the gap between strategy and execution, which he continues to develop through his work at EI World.

David is a car and motorcycle enthusiast, an avid reader, believer in lifelong learning, enjoys most things technical and spending time with his family. He has been able to travel and experience life and business in 17 different countries and speaks English, Portuguese & Afrikaans. He lives with his family in Northamptonshire, England. 



Ei World Global Webinar: Key Leadership Attributes - July 21, 2021

For organizational executives, senior leaders and technical or specialist managers.