Deborah Morel

Deborah is an experienced facilitator, mentor and coach, able to design and deliver both large group open space and small team interventions helping both through the learning process, working with change and transformation. Deborah works with individuals at all levels of an organisation within the private, third sector and public sectors, including international governmental bodies and across various sectors of business.  

Deborah has extensive international experience supporting complex projects that require cultural and workplace adaptations including US, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  She has spoken on the topics of Entrepreneurial Leadership, Diversity and Leadership and Networking and has worked with organisations that are transitioning into social enterprises and employee led mutuals. She has also written, produced and presented current affairs segments for television.  Deborah is currently on the Board of Trustees of Burrswood Hospital.

Deborah holds an Advertising and Marketing Certificate, MBTI 1 and 2, Personal Ecology monitor, NLP, Emotional Intelligence tools:Trait EQ (TEIQue), EQi and EQi 360, Team EQi , HeartMath(R) 1:1 coach (Ei World), Stress Management and well being , Spiral Dynamics(personal development, change and transition), McQuaig Psychometrics Systems (job profiling and analysis/personal development).

She has been affiliated with Ei World since 2008.


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