Leading a Healthy Remote Team

How do we effectively lead on- and off-site teams across multiple locations? Remote working will remain in place for some, while others will return onsite. Most leaders led their first remote teams during the pandemic, and now arrive at the opportunity to be prepared and equipped to engage online as we mindfully take on the complexities of hybrid working and learning. Leaders from around the globe convened with Ei World to share best practices on how to navigate multi-locational teams. We share here some of the key insights. 


Post-Pandemic Leadership Performance

This month we share with you key insights and experiences expressed by senior leaders during our exclusive Global Webinar event. As we approach a critical turning point from pandemic to post pandemic, now is the time to apply shared learnings on how to cultivate a thriving team environment. Important now, and mission essential for the coming 12 months, all agreed that the call for leaders is to strike a balance of three key skills: Psychological Safety, Empathy and Agility. 


Executive Summary: Powering up for 2021

How are we functioning differently in 2021? This year we are keen to set ourselves and our client leaders up for success. In this Issue we explore how to drive success through self-awareness, knowing what to carry forward from 2020 and what to release. We present Three Vistas for developing emotionally resilient leaders and teams, as well as practical paths to psychological safety, trust and empathy.


Three vistas for 2021 and beyond

What are we carrying forward and what are we leaving behind?

From our work with client leaders and teams in 2020, we summarise three vistas for emotional and leadership development. We would like to share these vistas with you to carry forward for success in 2021.

Ei World Global Webinar: Key Leadership Attributes – Wednesday 21st July 2021, 2.30pm UK/9:30 am Eastern

Now more than ever, leaders need to become emotionally resilient to overcome the current challenges and complex scenarios. As we transition into a post pandemic world, it is essential to discover what specific mindsets and skills will sharpen up your leadership capabilities.

In our next Ei World Global Webinar, we will discuss those Key Leadership Attributes that will help you to stand out of the crowd, boost your influence, credibility and enable you to empower your teams. By adopting new habits and focusing on the right beliefs and convictions, leaders can transform the entire organization.

Join us for this timely conversation on how to be more resilient and adaptive through these challenging times, boosting the necessary mindset to empower your teams and uncover new opportunities of success.

Read the thoughts from our client leaders on Post-Pandemic Leadership, as well as some tips on improving Team Performance.

Presented by Dr. Geetu Bharwaney of Ei World.

Ei World is a 21-year-old boutique consulting firm, advising CEOs, CxOs and HR leaders. We also equip HR professionals, change agents,  and coaches in our methodologies to support change on a larger scale.

Dr. Geetu Bharwaney is the founder and CEO of Ei World,  leading a team of executive and team coaches delivering projects across 45 countries for over 27 years. Her specialism is the ART and practice of behavior change within the context of digital transformation.

Note: This event is not aimed at independent coaches. If you are a Coach, join us for our next Ei World Community of Practice.