Post-Pandemic Leadership Performance

This month we share with you key insights and experiences expressed by senior leaders during our exclusive Global Webinar event. As we approach a critical turning point from pandemic to post pandemic, now is the time to apply shared learnings on how to cultivate a thriving team environment. Important now, and mission essential for the coming 12 months, all agreed that the call for leaders is to strike a balance of three key skills: Psychological Safety, Empathy and Agility. 


Executive Summary: Powering up for 2021

How are we functioning differently in 2021? This year we are keen to set ourselves and our client leaders up for success. In this Issue we explore how to drive success through self-awareness, knowing what to carry forward from 2020 and what to release. We present Three Vistas for developing emotionally resilient leaders and teams, as well as practical paths to psychological safety, trust and empathy.


Three vistas for 2021 and beyond

What are we carrying forward and what are we leaving behind?

From our work with client leaders and teams in 2020, we summarise three vistas for emotional and leadership development. We would like to share these vistas with you to carry forward for success in 2021.

Community of Practice

– Friday 9 Apr 2021, 2pm UK / 9am Eastern

Dealing with Past Trauma

We have decided to host a specific forum for coaching and OD professionals to dive deeper into team coaching topics. 

Following on from our concluding session at the EMCC Global Provider Summit on the ‘Future of Coaching’ and the last 10 years of equipping coaches in team emotional intelligence, we recognised the need for more dialogue within the advanced practitioner community. 

Our Community of Practice is aimed at new and experienced practitioners of coaching and OD, sharing dilemmas and case studies for the wider benefit of change agents. 

Sessions will include continued dialogue on topics that affect organizational development work, creating a forum where we can share best practices and key learnings from our experiences around the world. 

In our next session, we will be dealing with the topic of past trauma. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a major cause of traumatic stress for many of us, which may trigger past traumatic experiences. When we think of childhood trauma, we automatically think of what goes on at home, school, and in the community but do we ever consider how this impacts our adult professional life including life in leadership roles? 

Following on from our Global Dialogue and Global Webinar sessions, we recognised a significant gap in awareness of how the ghosts of our pasts affect the critical decisions we make today. More dialogue within this space will uncover foundational issues ingrained in the way we work that needs to be closely examined in order to move forward. 

(We will also be delving into the topic of Polyvagal theory.) 

If you would like to register for the first in our 2021 series, join us with Dr. Geetu Bharwaney on April 9 at 2pm UK / 9am Eastern.

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