Do you need an emotional Spring Clean?

Spring is such a traditional time to have a good clear out of material goods and declutter. When windows are cleaned, floors scrubbed, cars de-junked and desks cleared, we feel better, clearer and motivated.

It’s also a great time to have an emotional clear-out and dump some of the clutter that is holding you back.

Take a peak into your emotional world.  Is it clear and tidy or does it look like a hoarder is living in it?  Are you hoarding your worst fears, anxieties and fears until they block out the good things in your life?  Are these getting in the way of the good things in your life? 

Have a think about the following questions?

  • Do you frequently worry?  It might be about your finances, your health, your job and safety and other things that are not necessarily in your control?
  • Are you weighed down by issues from the past which distract you from living in the present?
  • Does your daily life leave you feeling short-tempered, frustrated or exhausted?

Here’s three quick tips to get you on your way to developing your emotional resilience and taking charge of that emotional clutter:

Be present:  relax your body, detach your thoughts and breath.  Now focus on one key feeling word that represents how you want to feel at this moment. 

Remember:  recalling a moment of pure enjoyment is such a good way to grab that experience again.  Remember the times when you felt really happy.  It might be when you with people you love, a moment of recognition at work, sharing news and laughter with a friend or the sights, smells and sounds of a place you have visited.

Adjust:  When we start a new day, it is a good practice to take a few moments and get still inside ourselves just before the flurry of the day really kicks in. Try to still your mind and focus on the heart. Ask, “How would I like my day to go?” Then ask, “What attitude would help me to my intention today?” 

Our tips are written by Dr Geetu Bharwaney and her team at Ei World. Geetu’s book, Emotional Resilience is the perfect place to start if you are looking for a bit of an emotional  spring clean.

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