Accreditation in the Bates ExPI™: An Executive Presence Assessment

The Bates ExPI (Executive Presence Index) is the first research-based, scientifically validated assessment to measure executive presence and leadership influence
  • This is a small group opportunity to learn how to assess, develop and model executive presence.
  • Ei World considers the topic of “Executive Presence” to be a distinctive capability of highly effective leaders. It has been part of almost all development needs in our client coaching engagements in the past year.


Given the nuances of the Bates ExPI model and the way the facets of Executive Presence interrelate to one another, particular attention is given to exploring Bates ExPI theory, the model, and its principles of application to a leader’s business context. This process involves:

  • Understanding why and how to get business context information to make the feedback specific and relevant for the leader.
  • Appreciating the psychological dynamics of giving and receiving feedback, including how to reduce defensiveness in the coachee.
  • Learning how to prepare and deliver the Bates two-step process of an Orientation call and an Insights call, which will enhance each participant’s understanding of the Bates ExPI Report and the common patterns and themes in the data.
  • Knowing how to help clients leverage their strengths while addressing their developmental themes.
  • Mastering the ability to facilitate the Insights call effectively “in the moment,” including dealing with coachees who struggle to understand or accept the results


  • A 2-day accreditation program where Human Resources and Talent Development professionals will gain a robust understanding of the Bates Model of Executive Presence and learn how to administer and interpret the Bates ExPI™ multi-rater assessment for deployment within an organization.
  • Pre-seminar, a personal Bates ExPI™ assessment, orientation session (30 minutes), and insights meeting (60 minutes) with a Bates-certified coach.
  • Supporting materials including a copy of All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence (Suzanne Bates, McGraw Hill 2016) and the Bates ExPI™ Development Guide.


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2019 Dates:

Contact us to arrange your Bates ExPI accreditation training on dates that are convenient for you.


Accreditation training can be provided in person at your business premises or at Sopwell House Hotel.

Please note that this program is not open to independent coaches or practitioners working as external consultants.

The program is specifically geared towards the needs of leading-edge HR Professionals bringing this proprietary tool for Executive Presence assessment for in-house talent, leadership and organization development needs.

Our March 2018 ExPI Accreditation program

Client feedback from our March 2018 ExPI Accreditation program:

Video Memories

March 2018 ExPI Accrediation
Hosted by Ei World

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