In a world that has been touched by COVID-19, emotional resilience is paramount for mental and emotional health. We have experienced an event that is uniquely bonding around the world, and emotionally stressful.  The pandemic has affected all of us, as we struggle to maintain our health, work, school, family and social lives.

Now more than ever, we have to take care of ourselves and each other.  At Ei World, we are uniquely qualified to partner with you to teach and train leaders and teams in emotional resilience and emotional intelligence.

Ei World has a wealth of expert knowledge and experience in providing comprehensive and bespoke programmes for individuals or teams of all sizes to develop and sustain emotional resilience.

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Executive Coaching

Ei World’s rigorous approach to executive coaching is oriented towards executives, senior leaders and aspiring leaders who have the desire to elevate the way that they are operating to function at their best. Our coaching methodology is designed to be robust, measurable, multi-faceted and have long-term impact on behavioral change.

Our in-depth Executive Development Programs provide a blended approach including:

  • Tactical coaching support in focused areas 
  • Individual Personality Assessment – to increase self-awareness
  • 360-degree observations from key stakeholders and colleagues
  • Development plan
  • Making concrete leadership aspirations for the next 10 years
Business benefits from Executive Coaching

Video testimonial (2:56) on the successful application of a Coaching Engagement
Matthew Law
Well Services Operations Planning & Resource Manager, Schlumberger

Group Coaching for Leaders, Managers and Specialists


A group coaching process oriented towards learning about Emotional Resilience in the context of functioning at one’s best, to channel the level of chaos, stress and turbulence experienced due to COVID-19 and other challenges into stronger team and organizational performance.


All participants are provided with a copy of the book ‘Emotional Resilience: How to Be Agile, Adaptable and to Perform at your Best’.  They complete the Emotional Resilience  Awareness survey, and post-assessment. This provides supportive material both before, during and beyond the group coaching.


The group coaching is delivered virtually, over four to six sessions.

Group coaching is supported by Ei World’s 8-week program in Emotional Resilience deployed through a STARS app.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn about the practical relevance of the concepts of “Emotional Resilience, drawing on research and practical theory, for organizations today
  • Use Emotional Resilience Awareness Survey as a starting point to build self-awareness
  • Evaluate individual Emotional Resilience on the Essentials, Skills and Results
  • Identify tools and strategies to improve individual Emotional Resilience
  • Make sense of group data on emotional resilience awareness
  • Concrete actions to take forward in order to be more emotionally resilient

The application of STARS in Coaching and Group Coaching (Video 4:20)

We look forward to discussing how Ei World can support your Executive Coaching needs.