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In a world that is rapidly and radically changing at the fastest of rates, emotional resilience is paramount, and teaching and training leaders and teams in emotional resilience and emotional intelligence is at the core of what we do here at Ei World.

Ei World has a wealth of expert knowledge and experience in providing comprehensive and bespoke programmes for individuals or teams of all sizes to develop and sustain emotional resilience.

For a confidential discussion and to find out more, please contact us by email or telephone +44 (0)20 3507 0270.

Emotional Resilience for High Performance

A Group Coaching Session

  • To learn about emotional resilience in the context of performing at our best, how to channel the level of chaos, stress and turbulence that many people now consider to be “normal” ‘normal’ at work.
  • To identify and reflect upon the priority components of emotional resilience to sustain your individual focus, in order to perform at your best.
  • To announce to colleagues by the end of our day together, at least one concrete action from this learning experience on Emotional Resilience, something you plan to do differently to help deal with the changing context of your organisation.

All participants are sent a copy of the book ‘Emotional Resilience: How to Be Agile, Adaptable and to Perform at your Best’, together with a copy of the Boxed Set Audiobook.  This provides supportive material both before, during and beyond the team workshop.


The Workshop is delivered in the style of a Group Coaching session.

Programme (will flex based on needs)

Our programmes can be tailored to meet individual and group needs

  • Welcome and agreeing ‘norms’ for a productive day together.
  • Current Business Challenges – what aspects of Emotional Resilience are they businesses requiring from us?
  • What did you discover about yourself from the ESSENTIALS?
  • Agreeing priorities for the rest of the day together.
  • Self-reflection, discussions, thinking through work issues.
  • Concrete actions to take forward in order to be more emotionally resilient.
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