Deepening HR impact – The DNA of sustainable high performance
“A roadmap for HR professionals”

After more than two decades of supporting leaders, we know about leadership development and what we can do as HR professionals to support organizational development into the future.

In our continually changing and VUCA driven working environments, high performing teams and an intentional focus on leadership excellence are essential to continued growth and sustainable success.

Every organization is challenged with new sector and market realities, and the context and role of HR leaders, is changing to redefine the development needs of leadership and organisations for 2020 and beyond.

  1. Emotional and physical health for high performance readiness

    Without these foundations in place the well-oiled human being machine isn’t going to run smoothly.  But how many leaders actually think about their physical and emotional health as part of their readiness for a high performance role?

  2. Self-awareness

    Self-awareness is no longer a simple level of tuning into how we are operating in terms of strengths and development opportunities.  Self-awareness is at four levels:

    • Who am I as a leader in terms of my leadership brand? A self-aware leader can articulate their brand in 3 sentences.
    • Where do I most need to curb my non-productive ways of operating, in order to be effective in my current role?
    • How am I operating as a leader and what do I need to do differently in order to be effective in building the culture I need to achieve organizational goals?
    • How do I need to operate as a leader today, and have impact with the most important stakeholders for my success?
  3. Leveraging teamwork and collaboration.

    Today we know that collaboration is essential to drive high performance. We also know that if people’s social and emotional needs are not met, they are not going to bring their best to a team.  So how do leaders develop their team to deliver high performance and innovate breakthroughs?   

    Breakthroughs come from team collaboration.

    • How am I leveraging teamwork and effectiveness?
    • What sort of culture do I need to build that’s going to support the high performance of the team?
  4. Executive impact leadership influence

    How am I impacting and going to impact my stakeholders so that I’m able to influence the right agenda, in the right way, at the right time?

    Learning how to leverage a research-based model for understanding executive presence and leadership influence is key in this:

    • How are my key stakeholders experiencing me today?
    • How many of my faces of leadership are visible to others?
    • Are people seeing the strengths of my character?
    • Are they experiencing leadership qualities?
    • What are the behaviours that are the most visible in my everyday communication?

    With these four components, next generation leaders are able to influence the future, not only of their own business successes, but also to make an impact on the stakeholders of the future – the people and entities that most matter for sustaining us into the future.

Our programmes are specifically geared to the needs of HR Professionals:

Bates ExPI™ Executive Presence Assessment is the first research-based, scientifically validated assessment to measure executive presence and leadership influence.

The Team Emotional Intelligence Survey is the only psychometrically validated assessment tool of its kind in the field of team coaching.
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