Ei World provides team coaching globally that develops the ability of your remote and on-site teams to work effectively and drive performance, value and productivity.

The use of the team ei survey helps teams achieve up to 25% higher levels of performance (Druskat and Wolff, 2013)

In today’s complex/VUCA business environments, all the work in an organization is conducted in teams. Ei World helps client teams to operate at high performance  through understanding the characteristics of outstanding team performance and by helping a team to cultivate this through the rules of engagement in a team.

Mission-critical teams play a pivotal role in driving an organisation’s strategic objectives towards optimum high performance. To achieve this level of effectiveness, it is essential to comprehend the defining characteristics of outstanding team performance. This understanding serves as the foundation for helping teams cultivate excellence in their collaboration. The approach we employ, rooted in years of validated research, offers a unique and practical methodology for Enhancing Team Effectiveness. By adhering to well-established principles of engagement within a team, we consistently deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations. Through this approach, we empower teams to not only meet but surpass their goals, ensuring that they become an invaluable asset in achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

We also shape the field by offering training for other professionals in the effective deployment of the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey. We run hold public events worldwide to accredit coaches in the field who want to bring a leading edge tool into their practice. We hold public events worldwide for coaches wishing to receive accreditation for a team emotional intelligence programme and bring a leading edge tool into their practice.

Team Development and Effectiveness is achieved through a combination of Assessment, Team Leader coaching, Deployment of the Team EI Survey and Focussed Development.

Our programmes and interventions are facilitated by world experts in the field of Team Emotional Intelligence.

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Emotions emerge during every human interaction and teams are hotbeds of emotion. Building a team culture that generates a productive emotional experience allows a team to achieve higher levels of collaboration and performance.

The Team Performance Essentials and Team Ei Survey methodologies we use, consistently deliver results for our clients; our tools are grounded in 25+ years of proven research and unique in the field of team coaching.

Team EI Survey provides lasting results

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Laurent Alteirac

Laurent Alteirac
Technology Manager, Schlumberger

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