Transformational Team Coaching

- Weatherhead School of Management in collaboration with Ei World

Ei World is proud to partner with Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management; a leader in data-driven, experiential and market-based management education and research.

Ei World has coached executive teams in multiple industries, worldwide, for over two decades.

Together, we deliver ‘Transformational Team Coaching’ – our well-established solution for improving team dynamics and enhancing team performance.

Research shows improvement of team performance levels by 25%; in practice we have observed up to 95% improvement. In 2019, a client team shortened their time to build a new prototype from 7 years to 4 months.

Weatherhead School of Management - Case Western Reserve University

Why Invest?

Virtual/remote teams are more prevalent. Remote teams need to develop the ability to work effectively to drive performance, value and productivity. 

Team leaders play an important role in setting the tone and climate to support the best work of the team. By applying their Emotional Intelligence, team leaders build the psychological safety of the team.

Why Now?

Organizations need high functioning teams – each with a clear purpose. Is it possible to create emotionally intelligent teams? Absolutely.

“In their landmark research findings published in “Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups“, Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolff assert that emotional intelligence underlies the effective processes of successful teams and that such resulting processes cannot be imitated; they must originate from genuine emotional intelligence at the team level.

While creating successful teams isn’t as simple as mimicking the processes of emotionally intelligent groups of people, what you can do is create the necessary conditions in which team members can develop their emotional intelligence. Those three conditions are: trust among members, a sense of group identity and a sense of group efficacy.”

— The Economist

How does it work?

Our Team Coaching Process utilizes the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey, developed by Vanessa Druskat, PhD and Steven B. Wolff, PhD. The survey enables a team to evaluate where they are, and then work systematically to develop the behaviors proven to support the team’s functioning at the highest level. It is the only assessment grounded on 25 years of research by experts in team emotional intelligence.

Team EI Survey is designed to enhance the functioning of your teams, and to prepare  your organization to better deal with the growing challenges and complexities of our ever-demanding and changing world.

The Transformational Team Coaching approach combines Team Leader Coaching with Whole Team Coaching in a three-step process over four to six months –  supported by experts in team effectiveness and experienced team coaches who specialize in team effectiveness, team leadership and emotional intelligence.

Our coaches are available to meet virtually or in-person depending on client preference, and team coaching can also be combined with one-on-one Executive Coaching for Individuals.

Next steps:

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