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The book is available as either a printed copy (paperback, signed by the Author), or in 2 formats of Audiobook (Boxed Set - CDs and Boxed Set - USB) providing 420 minutes, 9 hours of listening!

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Here is what people are saying about this book:

So first it was concept, then it was research. Now that we know it matters, how do we take it out into the world and really distribute it and scale it up? Geetu’s book on emotional resilience answers that question.

The thing I love is it really is an active book that you can use to help develop yourself and develop others. It’s cutting edge. It’s right at the top. It’s exactly what the field needs right now.

I’m going to use this book with my students in the academic world and in my own consulting work because it’s exactly what we need right now.


- Professor Vanessa Druskat, Founder Member of Ei Consortium and Professor, University of New Hampshire

Perfect timing!Paul Deemer, NHS Employers

The timing of the release of this book for us in the NHS is impeccable. The whole service is going through huge challenges, pressures and more and more demands on fewer and fewer resources. This means that our managers and their staff are being stretched both physically and emotionally to new limits. This book gives them hope! But more than that it gives them a practical lifeline to survival. Thank you Geetu for sharing your words and your wisdom!

- Paul Deemer, NHS Employers

Outstanding - practical and insightful

Kevin RennieEmotional resilience has always been important, but never more so in a world where information overload is common and the pace of change is forever increasing. Geetu Bharwaney is a world-class leader and thinker in this space and her book is a treasure trove of insights and practical tools. I thoroughly recommend this book to readers and have already been using it in my own life and coaching business.

- Kevin Rennie, Brightling Advisory


Mary-Ann OatesThis definitive guide provides a comprehensive framework for handling emotion in a business context and is written by an experienced practitioner with 16 years’ experience in the field of emotional intelligence and over 25 years' in leadership development.

As an Occupational Psychologist, I’ve worked with the concept of emotion for many years and have trained in various methodologies for helping build EI. I was interested to review Emotional Resilience  to identify what’s new in the field.

The author defines Emotional Resilience as "the ability to continually choose thoughts, actions and feelings that enable you to function at your best at individual, team and organisational levels". The book  centres around a practical framework for working with emotion and building both individual and team resilience which includes 6 essentials, 5 skills and 4 results. It is written in a highly-accessible style and is packed with exercises perfect for coaches wanting to develop their self-awareness or for coaching clients. An associated app and website offer free downloadable templates, videos and resources.

The author clearly has a deep understanding of what people struggle with at work, in a variety of roles. It ‘s this comprehensiveness of focus that is appealing and which will benefit a wide audience. A 'must have' for coaches who want to understand better their clients’ emotional lives and  utilise practical tools for working with it. 

- Mary-Anne Oates, Occupational Psychologist

Adrian RycroftAccessible, Practical, Powerful, Fantastic

"At last, an accessible book with practical clear steps on how to improve this essential attribute for high performance." 

- Adrian Rycroft. Former Head of the Royal Air Force's Human (Aircrew) Performance Centre

Matthew Price"A powerful book showing how to achieve your best at work and enjoy doing it!" 

Matthew Price, Chief Financial Officer, MoneySuperMarket.com 

Steve Langhorn"A fantastic toolkit which the reader can dip into to address so many different everyday challenges." 

- Steve Langhorn, Director -Rentokil Initial Sales Faculty

"This excellent and practical book on emotional resilience and how it affects your business should be a must for every manager and leader." 

- Senior Sales Manager, Global Technology Company

"Inspiring and practical, this book will help you develop the emotional resilience you need to be the best at what you do." 

- VP, Global Healthcare

"An invaluable guide to learn to recognize and control emotions to achieve the best at work and in life." 

- Attilio Pisoni, President - Schlumberger Italiana S.p.A.


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Emotional Resilience Audiobook  (Boxed Set - CD)
420 minutes listening time organised in 6 CDs, in a plastic box for portability and keeping as a frequent source of tips and wisdom. Box contains printed insert of Emotional Resilience model. Additional shipping charges will apply outside the UK.


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Emotional Resilience Audiobook Emotional Resilience Audiobook  (Boxed Set - USB)

420 minutes listening time organised in one easy to use USB stick, in a plastic box for portability. Box contains printed insert of Emotional Resilience model. Can be played through i-tunes after downloading. Additional shipping charges will apply outside the UK.


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Emotional Resilience Book  (printed book, published by Pearson Education, 2015). Signed by Author. Additional shipping charges will apply outside the UK.

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Note from the Author

Geetu Bharwaney, Author of Emotional ResilienceHello, I’m Geetu Bharwaney. Author of Emotional Resilience. I want to tell you a little bit about what emotional resilience is, what it means for you and why my book can help you to be agile, adaptable and to perform at your best. Emotions dictate not only what we do but how we do it. Emotional resilience involves choosing the thoughts, actions and feelings that enable us to perform at our best at individual, team and organisational level. Whether you’re a leader with responsibility for dozens or maybe even hundreds of people or you’re an individual trying to harness your own potential, emotional resilience is essential for you to understand if you want to function at your best.

In my book Emotional Resilience: How to be agile, adaptable and to perform at your best you will learn more about your emotions, the emotions of others and you can use this awareness of emotional resilience to get ahead, to bring out the best in a team and to increase your overall performance. You will learn to be more effective at work. We’re often taught to not bring our emotions into work with us, but as we all know emotions cannot simply be switched on and off. Wouldn’t it be better to try and understand those automatic emotions and find ways to focus our energy and channel our emotions into our work in a positive way? People are the lifeblood of any business. Emotion is something we all deal with. So whether you’re in a position of leadership or not, you’ll learn how to handle stressful situations better, to improve your relationships with colleagues and customers and so much more.

The book is not simply filled with ideas and explanations. There’s also practical advice that you can apply immediately so that you’ll see results for yourself. My book Emotional Resilience: How to be agile, adaptable and to perform at your best is available here on our website or via Pearson Business or online at Amazon. The audio book is also available for download at Audible.com.

I have worked for over 25 years and have personally coached thousands of clients and teams all over the world. With this book I am sharing what I’ve learned about emotional resilience with you. Happy reading.

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