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About the Speaker: Dr. Geetu Bharwaney


Speaking Topics

Bespoke Keynote

– Custom-designed keynote to align with your unique organizational needs and goals.
– Interactive sessions crafted to engage, inspire, and transform your team or audience.
– Leverage Dr. Geetu Bharwaney’s deep expertise in emotional intelligence for your specific challenges.

"A truly pivotal experience, the keynote not only enlightened us on the power of emotional intelligence but also equipped us to create a more inclusive, innovative, and adaptive work environment. "

Leadership Insights: Hogan & Emotional Resilience Assessments

The following analysis from our psychometric assessments identify known leadership strengths while also highlighting typical leadership weaknesses as areas for growth in coaching engagements. Tailored coaching programs based on these insights enhance leadership skills, team dynamics, and strategic vision, driving organizational success and professional development for our clients.

Known Leadership Strengths

Motivational Drivers

Everyday Behavior

Behavior Under Pressure

Known Leadership Weaknesses

Motivational Drivers

Everyday Behavior

Behavior Under Pressure

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