Leadership Development

Develop a profound understanding of emotional intelligence in leadership
Enhance decision-making and conflict resolution skills
Build a legacy of impactful and resilient leadership

Success Story

“Following my development programme,
I was promoted into a senior role at the first time of asking.

I could not have achieved this without the intervention by Ei World
and my understanding of Emotional Intelligence.”

Senior Vice President, Technology Services

The Problems

Our Solutions

Your Outcomes

Development Journey


Stakeholder Alignment | Objectives Defined

Align individual and stakeholder objectives, clearly defining expected outcomes


Psychometric Survey | Executive Presence | Peer Reviews

Utilise psychometric evaluations, assess executive impact, and gather peer feedback.


Analysis Feedback | Coaching | Mentoring | Aspiration Setting

Derive actionable strategies from analysis, foster growth through coaching and mentorship.


Your Feedback | Impact Review

Encourage self-reflection on progress and review impact with stakeholders.

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