Mobile Meeting Room and Versatile Living Solutions

Transform your journey with our professionally converted 2023 Mercedes Sprinter L3 H2 317CDI, a perfect blend of luxury and functionality. This van, meticulously crafted with rich oak and subtle sage accents, offers a versatile interior that effortlessly transforms from a cozy lounge to a fully equipped workspace. Ideal for business professionals, educators, and adventure seekers alike, it provides all the comforts of home with the efficiency of a mobile office.

Experience unmatched adaptability, whether you’re hitting the road for a weekend getaway or conducting meetings on the move, complete with a fully automated collapsible table. Invest in a van that not only meets your ever-changing needs but also elevates your travel and work experience to new heights.


Base Vehicle

  • Model: 2023 Mercedes Sprinter L3 H2 317CDI
  • Engine: High-efficiency EU6 Diesel. Automatic Transmission
  • Mileage: 255
  • Maintenance: Awaiting first service.


  • Heating: Dual Trauma Combi D6 AU diesel and electric space heater for year-round comfort.
  • Ventilation: Three operable skylights, enhancing air circulation.
  • Sound: Fully soundproofed with a surround sound speaker system for a cinematic experience.
  • Cooling: Concealed air conditioning unit.
  • Water System: Features an 75-litre capacity, elegant brass sink, faucet, and efficient water pump.
  • Lighting: Full RGB+White LED strip lighting, creating the perfect ambiance for any mood.

Key Features

  • Flexible Interior: Bespoke collapsible bench and clinical strength table that can be completely stowed away, transforming the van into a spacious, unobstructed area perfect for a mobile office, meeting space, or creative studio. Ideal for hosting workshops, children’s learning sessions, or simply enjoying a vast open space for relaxation.
  • Entertainment: Custom pull-out TV, perfect for presentations or entertainment, including Audio RI Power Dynamics Sound System
  • High-speed Internet: Built-in Maxview MXL060 5G hub ensures you stay connected wherever your travels take you.
  • Kitchenette: Smartly designed with an Electriq EQDWTTS dishwasher, Baumatic microwave, Dometic CRX fridge (including icebox), Features a brass detachable faucet for ultimate convenience.
  • Storage Solutions: Enhanced storage capabilities with additional overhead compartments and innovative magnetic interiors on doors for easy organization.
  • Awning: Durable Fiamma awning, extending the living space outdoors.
  • Step: Convenient automated AVS side step for easy access.
  • Includes Disklok for added security.

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