Sector: Mining and Mineral Extraction Technology (Global)

Ei World implemented a global project involving individual assessment of 300 managers across 13 locations worldwide, a 2.5 day highly interactive regional workshop and coaching for 25 country leaders.

RESULTS: Increased Sales and After Sales Revenue by 500% (250-300 Million €s from a base of 80M€) within 3 years. Accomplished through focusing on desired behavioural changes amongst highly technical people working in a more customer-oriented way. This built the concept of ‘lifetime client value’ for achievement of global sales targets. Despite challenging economic times, Successes and Best Practice stories were widely documented and disseminated across global divisions.

Business Goal: Sales growth

Sector:Global Technology

Ei World was commissioned to implement a project involving 35 leaders of the senior leadership team in a fast growing business. This program involved assessments and workshops and was aimed at increasing the health and morale of the senior team.

RESULTS: Leadership development was successfully achieved with greater levels of team followership, increased self-awareness and morale. It was felt that the senior management team subsequently functioned at a healthier and more productive level.

Business Goal: Leadership Development

Sector:Financial Services (USA/UK/Spain)

Ei World implemented a project involving 35 high potential leaders in a development programme over 6 months encompassing assessments, workshops, coaching and action learning sets.

RESULTS: Results and positive impact were demonstrated from this programme at individual, team and organisational levels. At individual level, the succession plan was assured for these leaders. At team level, key stakeholders confirmed that several business initiatives produced more collaboration and at organizational level, direct P&L growth was achieved from the shift in key leaders towards more collaboration.

Business Goal: Growth of High Potential Leaders

Sector: Logistics Services

Ei World was commissioned to implement a well-being initiative with 500 people in a range of operational, mechanical and technical roles as part of focusing on Health and Safety across the business. The intention was to upskill people in the company to enable them to manage their own stress and well-being in high risk mechanical and technical roles. The programme involved confidential health screening, workshops “Transforming Stress into Resilience” and assistive technology.

RESULTS: Executive team experienced a shift in their well-being as a result of the skills they learned and the technology they used. Through assistive technology, all staff had access to an intervention for managing their well-being to use the learning beyond the workshops.

Business Goal: Well-Being/Business Effectiveness

Sector: Higher Education

Ei World was commissioned to deliver a programme for 300 middle managers across academic and non-academic departments. The goal was to increase their levels of ownership and leadership in support of the need to change. All of this against a backdrop of dramatically changing funding in the sector and a history and culture of limited leadership development.

RESULTS: The programme won a sector award for the most innovative development programme. Business successes were reviewed at executive level. A wide variety of changes have been implemented across the university and have served to transform the culture.

Business Goal: Transform culture


Ei World was commissioned to implement a research project to assess the emotional intelligence of 315 aircrew in a military context.

RESULTS: The military academy was commended for its innovative work through inclusion of the research paper in the largest military conference in the world, involving around 30,000 people. In summary, it was found that functioning emotional intelligence was a characteristic of successful combat ready aircrew and confirmed the importance of ‘Human Factors’ training. The data was handed to the Aircrew Selection Centre for further analysis.

Business Goal: Growth of High Potential Leaders