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Welcome to the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey Accreditation. Here you can access the complete accreditation course, and the two associated assessments. You will learn the theory and research behind Team Emotional Intelligence (Team EI), gain familiarity with interpreting team reports, and acquire the knowledge needed to successfully apply the Team EI Survey with teams straight away.


Developed by Prof. Vanessa Druskat and Dr Steven B. Wolff with Ei World, this Team EI Accreditation program is designed to enhance the functioning of your teams – unleashing their highest levels of performance.

In an ever-demanding and changing world, we recognize that organizations need solutions to deal with growing challenges and complexities, which is why we have been using the Team EI Survey for over a decade to help teams.

We need to consider teams as complex, interrelated systems, rather than a random collection of people with a shared mission. Trust, communication, and emotional intelligence influence the performance of a team, just as individual cells influence the health of a living organism.

Not only are team members interdependent, but the team itself is intricately connected to the larger organization and its stakeholders – another layer of complexity.

As we know, dysfunctional teams may not simply maintain the status quo, but can actually sabotage the performance of the entire organization.

Without a clear understanding of the complex dynamics at play both inside and outside the team when a team is underperforming against its potential internally and externally, team members are not positioned to deliver their best.

By applying the Team EI model, and by understanding the dynamics of the team as a system, teams can transform their performance and organizational impact.


1. How emotion affects performance in a team in the context of teams today.

2. How team dynamics affect team effectiveness.

3. The origins of the Team Emotional Intelligence framework, including the underpinning research and how the Team EI Survey is deployed to help teams to build the norms of a high performing team.

4. The practicalities in using the Team EI Survey effectively.

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