Ei World and GEI Partners have teamed up to provide you a unique opportunity to learn from the developers of Team EI.

Team Emotional Intelligence (or Team EI) is different to individual EI and is used at both strategic and tactical team operating levels to improve performance and productivity.

What is Team Emotional Intelligence (Team EI)?

Developed by Prof. Vanessa Druskat and Dr Steven B. Wolff, the Team EI Survey Accreditation program is designed to equip you to enhance the functioning of teams you help.

In an ever-demanding and changing world, we recognize that companies need solutions to deal with growing challenges and complexities, which is why we designed Team EI Survey.

The Team EI Survey

The Team EI Survey helps your teams to have the conversations that enable more effective collaboration and decision-making. Through the Team EI Survey your teams progress, perform better, and start to increasingly focus on strategic thinking and action.

By deploying a methodology that improves the effectiveness of your teams, your organisation achieves concrete improvement in the way you do business.

Benefits of using Team EI Survey

Using Team EI Survey allows you to introduce permanent and positive change, including:

  • Increased productivity and higher performance through better focus on valuable strategies and activities.
  • Enlighted team members and leaders.
  • Improved relationships and reduced conflict between team members through quicker resolution of problems and the introduction of open and honest exchanges.
  • Increased commitment and engagement levels.
  • Deepened sense of identity and belonging.
  • Improved team problem solving skills.

Team EI Accreditation

Ei World and GEI Partners run Accreditation Programs in which clients learn the theory and research behind Team EI, gain familiarity with interpreting reports and the knowledge to be able to use the Team EI Survey approach with real teams.

We look forward to supporting you on your learning journey and meeting you in our video-based sessions. We provide 1:1 or small group in-depth training depending on your needs through a 2-part, 7 hour webinar program (through video-based connection). We can run the program at your convenience and can accommodate all Time zones.

Active participation is required and preparation and follow-up after group sessions is encouraged. After you register for the program, a set of materials will be sent to you, and Ei World Coach Resources on our website will be made available to you during and after the training.

Learning Goals

You will learn about the theory and research behind Team Ei, how to facilitate team development using the Team Ei survey and you will become accredited to use the assessment.

  • Facilitate a team to be emotionally intelligent, using “Team Emotional Intelligence theory™” and the tools developed by Professor Vanessa Druskat and Dr Steven Wolff. 
  • Become equipped in the use of the Team EI Survey to help a team move towards higher performance.
  • Incorporate Team Emotional Intelligence theory, tools and survey into your professional work as a learning and development professional.

Team EI Survey provides lasting results.

For more information:

  1. See an abridged sample Team Report here.
  2. Read the Webinar – Online Accreditation outline here.
  • October 16 and 23, 2020 (2-part program at 1pm-5pm UK /8am-12pm Eastern each day)