Florian Uthoff

In his role as a workshop designer and facilitator with Ei World, Florian brings a distinctive perspective to our team, rooted in his extensive background in strategic communication, design  and consulting. His expertise in these areas informs an unique approach to fostering innovation and creativity in teams.

Florian’s skill in visual storytelling enables his ability to craft workshop experiences that not only captivate participants but also spark their imagination. His innovative approach breaks free from conventional constraints, encouraging clients to envision beyond the ordinary and think in ground-breaking ways, a creative skill that client team leaders typically wish to master.

What sets Florian apart is his unwavering commitment to experience-based formats and design thinking. He thrives in the combined power of creativity and imagination, to transcend the boundaries between different professional disciplines. He fuses together the practical operating skills for teams with tools for rapid ‘prototyping’, ensuring that the creative sparks generated during team meetings can evolve into actionable results. This combination is important for today’s teams who are working on ground-breaking developments where there is often no ‘right answer’ and where the full wisdom of the team needs to be accessible.

Florian’s experience working in complex sectors (including political, education, start-up, and cultural organisations) has included a strong emphasis on mission-driven endeavours, equipping him with a deep understanding of the team challenges that arise when skilled professionals come together in service of a defined mission.

Florian’s involvement in the start-up sector showcases his entrepreneurial mindset and adaptability. He has the ability to navigate the dynamics of fast-paced enterprises and has demonstrated his capacity to apply creativity, imagination, and structured thinking to drive innovation and growth in high-risk environments.

In summary, Florian’s approach offers client teams a fresh perspective that combines his strategic communication and consulting expertise with hands-on experience. This blend of capabilities serves to foster innovation, encourages teams to think boldly, and provides a well-rounded experience that unites the power of imagination with real-world implementation. Florian has a track record of helping international clients to engage and empower their teams, enabling them to drive meaningful change in complex and ever-changing environments.

Florian is a lifelong learner, with centred humility and further strengths in his executive presence and building rapport easily with client groups. Alongside the design and facilitation skills already mentioned, Florian adds value to Ei World projects through a combination of his intellect, high Ei and strong technical project abilities in international contexts. He is bilingual in German | English, with conversational French. Florian lives in Berlin.