Dr. Dorian Dugmore

Former professional footballer and coach internationally, broke both thighs as a child age 9, played for his country at 16. Misdiagnosed with a heart problem in his early 20’s, made a commitment to help people with the health of their hearts because of this. Obtained a Ph.D. in cardiovascular medicine. Formed Action Heart in the UK for heart patients, directed the world’s best centre for heart disease recovery in Toronto, Canada becoming Chairman of the World Council for cardiac rehabilitation.

Took all these lessons and built the famous corporate wellness programme for Adidas, winning world best practice awards. Created “Fit To Manage” for UK football league managers and was Head of Corporate Wellbeing for a well-renowned International Football centre. Dorian is currently a consultant responsible for cardio-respiratory exercise testing to a clinical wellness spa in Mayfair, London. Formerly a director and now a consultant to the LMA (Football League Manager’s Association) and a consultant to the European Nucleus on sport cardiology. Dorian has guided many companies to build award winning wellness programmes. He has a passion for helping people look after their hearts. Dorian has presented to groups right across the world in Europe, Australia, USA, South America, Africa, Middle East, Canada, South America, NZ, Malta, Japan and Singapore. Dorian believes that we can both work hard and be high performing at the same time if we learn how to manage our brain health, physical health and emotional health.

Dorian has been associated with Ei World since 2007.