Dr. Steven B Wolff

Dr Steven B. Wolff is a world expert on group emotional intelligence. Together with Vanessa Druskat, he has developed a theory of group emotional intelligence that extends the theory of individual emotional intelligence to the group level.

He has also conducted research in the areas of team effectiveness; managing performance in self-managed teams; team leadership; organizational leadership; C-Suite competencies; peer feedback; organisational learning; and partnerships between business and public schools. Steve also has extensive experience and expertise in survey design and psychometric analysis.

He is principal at GEI Partners, a consulting firm that brings together leading academics and practitioners to help organisations improve their bottom line through breakthrough innovation and agility by creating engaged leaders and world-class collaboration throughout the organisation.

Prior to GEI Partners Steve worked at HayGroup where he conducted research and analysis related to various aspects of leadership and organisational effectiveness including emotional intelligence, organisational climate, and leadership.  He worked with Richard Boyatzis to do a psychometric analysis on the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) and update it to the current ESCI version.

Steven brings a strongly integrative approach, combining practitioner, academic, and technical experience. He has over ten years experience teaching organisational behaviour, leadership, managing teams, and human resource courses and over 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry as an engineer and manager.

Steven holds degrees in electrical engineering, an MBA and a DBA in organisational behaviour.

Steven is a member of the Ei Consortium.