Siva Kumari

Siva Kumari brings over 30 years of senior leadership experience to mentoring. She has served as CEO and COO and senior leadership team roles in multi-national and US domestic institutions.

She has recently transitioned into a new chapter of her career after 12 years in a multi-national organization with offices and staff in Geneva, Netherlands, UK, Singapore and Washington DC responsible for delivering operations in 140 countries. She was the only woman to have served as the CEO in the 52-year-old Swiss-based organization, the International Bacclaureate. Previously, she served as a Global Chief Operating Officer, responsible for growth and services internationally in over 158 countries with multi-stakeholder communities. She was responsible for business development, product development, service delivery, research and community engagement services.

To executive mentorship, she brings the experience of having successfully delivered several short-term and long-term strategies with change agendas. She has extensive experience of remotely leading both a globally dispersed multi-national executive team and several other domestically co-located leadership teams. She has learned how to work through these teams and deliver results in these contrasting settings.

As a multi-national CEO, she is proud to have worked with an efficient and engaged senior leadership team spread in five countries in charge of revenue-generating products and services, global finance, global IT and global internal and external communications through multiple media technologies around the world.

Siva is known for her accessibility as a leader, her communication skills, change-making, a relentless innovative mindset to focus on end-users. She is most proud of being an eternally-curious learner with a thirst for consuming leadership lessons from across the globe. She is an avid consumer of leadership literature which has informed her leadership in ever-increasing responsibilities in quick succession for the past 20 years. Her experience spans both academia and educational services organizations.

As the first female in her very traditional family to complete high school, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree from India, a Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Houston, Texas, USA in online learning for which she received an outstanding doctoral award. In December 2020, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Amity University, India.  She is the recipient of numerous professional awards. She currently serves on the global board of Generation You Employed, Inc and a Canadian global jury for pluralism awards.

Siva is particularly passionate about the opportunity to use her past experiences as a CEO in support of the effectiveness of other executives.