The program consists of distinct modules. 

Each module is made up of lessons which can consist of text, audio, video, or a combination of these.

Lessons could also include one or more downloadable files relevant to that lesson. These will be indicated at the appropriate point in the lesson.


  1. Team Emotional Intelligence – 2 Lessons
  2. How to Interpret Team Ei Survey Reports (Case 1) – 4 Lessons
  3. Using Team Data to Design Interventions (Case 2) – 6 Lessons
  4. Positioning the Survey and Engaging Clients – 3 Lessons
  5. Survey Project Planning & Logistics – 2 Lessons
  6. Learning Consolidation – 1 Lesson
  7. Knowledge Check & Case Assessment – 1 Lesson & 2 Knowledge Tests


You will come across the following icons throughout the program. They will help you easily spot important and useful sections along the journey.

STUDY: These sections are important to study carefully. The material is important in building your knowledge of Team EI and Team Ei Survey.

REFLECTION: This is where you will be able to reflect on the material you have gone through and note your thoughts and analysis as requested.

EXAMPLES: Materials that give detailed examples that you can review and study.

RESOURCES: Downloads that will help you during your learning journey. 

Please note: The actual download file/s will be found at the bottom of the lesson page. The file name/s are listed under the heading “File List”

TOP TIPS: These are additional insights that will help you accelerate your impact with teams.

LEARNING PROGRESS: Here we will summarise your learning and indicate what you should understand and be able to do by the end of that lesson, or at that point in the program.


In the Lesson Downloads area at the bottom of this lesson page is the Program Workbook. Download it. This is an editable pdf file which means you will be able to type in notes and complete exercises as needed. Remember to save after adding text or making any changes. You will be instructed to make notes and complete exercises in this workbook throughout the program at the appropriate place in the lessons.

File List (This is not the download link – See bottom of this lesson page for download):

  Team EI Survey Accreditation – Editable Workbook – 2.98 MB