Matt Larkan BA (Hons)

Matt brings to the Ei World team a solid grounding in business operations, design and technology, with a keen interest in AI and its potential to automate important tasks.

He gained broad underpinning knowledge in these topics through a BA (Hons) in Business Management, Innovation, and Sustainability from the Open University. 

Emphasising innovation and enterprise, the degree fostered his ability to drive creativity, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and prioritise sustainable practices within dynamic business environments. 

Matt is experienced in project management and autonomous business development. He was involved in spearheading a software solution and expansion strategy for a large international distributor in 2023.

Through further independent study and engagement with online resources, Matt developed proficiency in critical analysis, data interpretation, and strategic planning. 

Outside work, Matt enjoys researching the deeper aspects of healing and consciousness through quantum physics, sound, frequency, science, philosophy and religion. He enjoys spending free time with loved ones and camping in nature when possible. 

Matt supports core Ei World activities on automation and projects involving design, technology and implementing solutions alongside the Operations Director & Founder.