Reflex Integration

Guided by Emotional Intelligence Expert

Geetu Bharwaney

The Challenge

Sensory processing is crucial. For individuals with a developing central nervous system, this processing can be disruptive, triggering primitive survival responses like fight, flight, or freeze. Imbalances, particularly within the vestibular system, may result in difficulties with focus, attention, and behaviour.

The Rising Concern

With the growing instances of stress and neurodiversity, many families find themselves in a constant state of alert, striving to protect their loved ones. Rates of ADD, ADHD, and Autism diagnoses are climbing, leading to an increased reliance on medication to manage stress-related conditions.

The Solution

Optimal well-being is our goal. However, with numerous health strategies available, it’s essential to find a starting point that offers sustainable results. The USP method provides a clear path to improving sensory integration and enhancing life performance.

Reflex Integration: Tailored for Enhanced Daily Living

Who Benefits? Our programs are designed for those eager to advance their coordination, concentration, and resilience to stress. Through a scientifically supported approach, we facilitate improved daily performance for individuals navigating cognitive and functional challenges.

Transformative for Everybody

Reflex Integration proves invaluable for adults seeking to overcome everyday obstacles in personal and professional settings. It is particularly beneficial for those experiencing:

• Focus and concentration difficulties.
• Coordination and balance issues.
• Daily stress and anxiety.
• Posture-related health concerns.
• Sensory processing challenges.

Discover a path to a more effective and comfortable life with our targeted programs.

How It Works - Your INPP Journey with Geetu

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Our New Chapter: Harnessing Neuroplasticity 

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