Could Executive Coaching transform how you impact the world around you?


Gaining and maintaining self-awareness, creating and diversifying your goals and enhancing your leadership performance, all seem like impossible ideals to aspire to. However, you don’t have to settle for wrestling with your uncertain future and decelerating professional progression when you have professionals targeting your specific weak points and emphasising your strengths. Executive coaching can make you flourish and move on to the next step in your career quicker than you thought possible.

Personality development tips through coaching

Through the course of one to one sessions and targeted learning, you will, with a team of trained professionals, be studying yourself. This is a whole new focus, especially when you realise most of your personal and private inclinations dictate the snap decisions and embedded business command that drives or smashes the environment around you. Like steam in a pressure cooker, the chance for creative innovation is concentrated; constantly shifting and desperate to be released, but only to only those who know how to direct and focus their energy. Only then, can you actually push for change and success?

Does coaching have any effect on personality development and success?

The Institute of Coaching states that “70% of individuals who receive coaching “benefitted from improved work performance and communication skills “, (click here to find out more about their study), but do these statistics result in the shift in a business or just temporary accomplishment? One aspect that coaching maybe is able to demonstrate but not teach a certain success – you have to do the work, and even if you do follow advice, you may find out that your version of success is different from what direction they were leading you in. Make sure to ask questions to clarify and discover their agenda for you.

In any case, there is definitely a major increase in self-awareness, but deep seated inclinations of the brain, such as specific fears cannot just be removed which coaching. This requires a deeper look and investigation of your own personal crisis management. This book on personal development, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey”, could help further unwrap the complexities of your mind.

Low esteem? How can coaching open you up?

Executive coaching

The notion of an objective third party displaying a renewed interest in attributes that you have tried to disregard is a scary one. Denial and a level of discomfort in talking about your weakness and feelings is a show of insecurity and panic.

Fear is a controlling emotion that has a tight fist around amelioration. Refusal to participate and interact with a coach because of agitation will only result in a waste of time and resources as well as a valuable missed opportunity to reveal your hindrances. You have the options for relationship skills, psychological and goal achievement-focused coaching so ensure that you choose your coach accordingly. If you are uncomfortable with the coach, it’s time to get a new one, as self-healing cannot develop in an untrusting environment.

Will coaching make a long-lasting impression?

This depends on the coach and you. Either one of you needs a mechanism to perpetuate the training and lessons for perhaps scheduled use in the near future. Without follow up, the growth disintegrates and you begin to stagnate again even if you don’t notice it right away.

Make sure to ask your coach about techniques you can utilise every day, every week, month and year. For example a daily reflection of small victories and issues you will work on. This is a great tool to calm the mind especially as you begin to take control of things you can change and accept the things you can’t. Here are tips to continue to succeed:

Executive coaching


Coaching is an essential tool for any budding entrepreneur but without follow up and trust, the value of the lessons taught is diminished significantly. Make sure you are emotionally open to hear advice and identify issues in your personal life. Inevitably our business and personal lives (or feelings) get intertwined, we just need the means to regulate them accordingly.

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