How Being Resilient Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd



The ability to be socially sensitive, adaptable and perceptive to the needs of your clients, colleagues and suppliers is challenging to achieve. When you are good at it, you are likely to be someone who has become skilled at negotiating and brokering deals and interacting well with those around you to get your job done. This ability to connect with people can be vital as to how successful you are at work and how much you stand out from the crowd as a prospect for potential new business.

Personality Traits of a Resilient Person

  • Great Problem-Solving Skills – resilient people are able to calmly and rationally search out solutions in times for crisis.
  • A Sense of Control – resilient people tend to believe that the actions they take will affect the outcome of an event. They feel as if they have the power to make choices that will affect our situation, our ability to cope, and our future.
  • Identifying as a Survivor – resilient people avoid thinking like a victim when faced with times of crisis and instead, look for ways to resolve the problem.
  • Asking for help – while resilient people are often very resourceful, it is also very important that they know when to ask for help and where to go for it.
  • Strong Social Connections – resilient people usually have strong support networks. Whether it’s friends, family or even an online forum, talking about the challenges you are facing with a support group can be an excellent way to gain perspective.

The First Impression is the Last Impression

We all have it drilled into us as we grow that first impressions are incredibly important. The main reason for this is that once someone has seen/met you once, you will never have another chance to make that first impression again.  It’s therefore incredibly important to make that first impression one that lasts.

How to make a great First Impression

Some ideas to use when making plans to meet people for the first time are as follows:

  • Research the people you are meeting. You’re much more likely to come across well if you know who you’re talking to
  • Be Confident
  • Answer questions honestly, it’s better to respond with “I’m not sure” than to answer incorrectly
  • Practice talking in front of others
  • Listen to the people you meet and understand what they are saying. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Dress to impress. Make sure you are presented neatly and professionally. Consider the occasion and dress accordingly.

Positive vs Negative Impressions

First impressions matter, for both good and bad. Positive first impressions can lead to social cohesion whilst negative first impressions can lead to biases and social prejudice. A Phenomenon known as The Halo Effect can distort reality and create false impressions which can have a variety of consequences.

Finding inspiration for Personality Development

One great way to work out how to develop your own personal connections is by observing other people and learning from them.

Find someone who is genuinely helpful and more interested in others than themselves at work. Notice what they do actually to help people. How do they show they care and respect others? What are they involved in, such as working as a volunteer or charity work, mentoring others, staff onboarding?

Now, observe yourself.

At work, what support do you offer people outside your job role? Do you go above and beyond when you can? Are there opportunities you can take in your daily life which allow you to do something altruistic which you are currently ignoring? What small things do people do for you that make a difference to your day and which you could do for others? Remember that small actions are capable of making a huge difference to others and the more good deeds you do the better you will feel about yourself.



Being resilient against challenges around you can be a great way to help you stand out from the crowd. When meeting potential colleagues, team members or clients for the first time it is important to consider that first impression, and what they will see of you in an instance. If you can show your resilience and strength in those moments it could have a powerful impact.

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