Reflections on Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month

Emotional Intelligence as a route to High Performance

For: Line Managers, Change Agents, HR Professionals, Coaches and Leadership Teams

You will no doubt be aware of the depth of  Mental Healthissues affecting people in the post-pandemic context today. And the issues in teams? (75% of Cross-Functional teams are Dysfunctional)

You may be at the point where you recognise that something significant needs to change, and need a way to put your organisation onto a healthier and more sustainable way of functioning.

At Ei World, we believe that a comprehensive approach is needed to tackle systemically the problems in organisations today.

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Why EI?

Emotions trigger reactions to difference – no-one is neutral in the face of difference. Rare is the person who can be non-reactive in the face of differences. Other people can trigger excitement, interest and even fascination to get to know them more. On the other hand, differences in other people can trigger strong emotions in us including irritation, stimulating, annoyance, frustration and fear.

Years of research have shown that Emotional Intelligence is a critical factor  that enables us to deal with differences, the ability to understand and influence one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. This ability separates exceptional leaders and managers from the rest. It has been named as a critical skill for the future, irreplaceable by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We also know that  Emotional Resilience and the ability of individuals to make the  right choices to cope with stress and pressure is learnable. This starts with a process of understanding your own inner landscape which determines your responses to the emotional context of life and work.

How we manage behaviour, socially interact and make important decisions is all heavily influenced by what happens in teams. Research shows that having the right norms in a team, will lead to psychological safety, a strong team identity and constructive dialogue. Together, these help to increase the level of belonging. When this does not occur, we have problems in the workplace including  mental health issues, high absence rates, fatigue, burnout and underperformance in teams.

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience Pathway

In Ei World, we propose a journey that begins with understanding your own functioning in your inner emotional world, working on mental health strategies, and bringing that understanding into the heart of a  team.

Emotional Resilience Survey

By developing your emotional resilience you can prepare yourself against even the most challenging situations.

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Team Ei Survey

Up to 25% Team Performance and productivity improvements, using the framework for “Team Performance Essentials’

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Emotional Intelligence

Our approach with teams involves addressing the role of emotion in a complex and adaptive system. Therefore, our Emotional Intelligence Survey is designed to enable teams to evaluate where they are, and then work systematically to develop the team behaviours that will support the team functioning effectively as a high performing team.

Team EI Survey creates the  catalyst to engage dialogue and resolve tensions.  It enables ‘elephant in the room’ issues to be discussed with effective team norms  and faster decisions.

The Team EI Survey is steeped in an evidence basis, with 25 to 30 years of research,  making it the most reliable  and valid survey for  teams. It focuses on specific behaviours so you are not left wondering “How do I get the team  to trust each other?”

You can read more about our Team Emotional Intelligence Survey here.

Emotional Resilience Awareness

Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. Resilient people are able to respond to changes and adversities with less difficulties. People with less emotional resilience, on the other hand, have a harder time dealing with and coping with stress and life demands.

In a world that is rapidly and radically changing at the fastest of rates, the ability to respond and adapt to these shifts could not be more valuable, both on a personal and a professional level. While we cannot avoid the current pressures and stress, both in life and at work, by developing our emotional resilience we can adapt to the most adverse situations and still strive to move forward and achieve our goals.

By being more resilient we can get the best out of the circumstances we find ourselves in, no matter how challenging they may feel. Emotional resilience gives you the ability to successfully manage and control your emotions, thoughts and actions so you can handle any demands with positivity and confidence.

You can learn about Emotional Resilience in the book Emotional Resilience: Know how to be Agile, Adaptable and Perform at your Best (Pearson Education, July 2015) by Geetu Bharwaney, Director of Ei World, and you can find out more about other tools to build resilience here.

About the Author:

Dr. Geetu Bharwaney is the Founder and CEO of Ei World, helping businesses and leaders to rethink the way that work gets done.

Geetu’s motivating factor for being a leading change agent was not just academic; it was personal. Diagnosed with cancer over 25 years ago, she recognised the things in her life that were holding her back and making her sick and made the necessary changes to realise a different outcome.

One of Geetu’s key passions is to equip people to develop the skills and capabilities of working with emotional intelligence in their own arenas of work in these very challenging times. She is a qualified trainer of two pioneering accreditations in coaching tools for HR Professionals, coaches, and change agents – Team Emotional Intelligence Survey and Emotional Resilience Awareness Survey.

Geetu is also a published author, her book ‘Emotional Resilience: how to be agile, adaptable and always perform at your best (Pearson: London) is a definitive, comprehensive, and practical guide that deeply explores the subject of emotional intelligence.

Ei World –  Provides over 21 years of experience in executive and team development, having helped C-Level executives and large teams from companies in 45 countries to achieve growth by coaching Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Team Effectiveness to help them gain a competitive advantage.

Team Ei’s mission is to lift the client’s team dynamic and culture to the highest level through understanding the need for emotional intelligence and helping to cultivate it through building safety, trust, innovation, and a desire to improve continuously.

Business and digital transformation require human transformation. We help you enable the power of your people ~ Ei World ~

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